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What will we offer

  • Essentials for a Healthy Community
  • Access to Quality Healthcare, Education, Housing and Government Services
  • Emergency Assistance – On-site Transitional Services
  • Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention Services
  • Literacy – Computer, Financial, ESL, Adult GED
  • Homeownership Support
  • Community Service Learning Projects
  • Youth Leadership Development Programs
  • Juvenile Law Related Education
  • Employment Support Services
  • Parent workshops
  • Leadership Development Training
    • Faith and Community Organizations

The Legacy Builders Foundation will provide

  • On-site transitional services and development programs for the children and families of the community it serves.
  • The Family Resource Center will provide parenting classes, personal safety classes, defensive driving classes, leadership development, computer classes, and employment services.
  • The Family Library will provide a large book collection, containing books specifically for culturally diverse children and families
  • The Garden Center/Sanctuary will provide a hands on approach on how things grow, with an emphasis on proper health, food and nutrition. Composting and recycling are incorporated throughout each cottage in the Family Investment Village.
  • Grandma’s Kitchen will provide a place set up like a regular kitchen and is used for adult and student cooking and community events. It is also a place for teaching lifelong lessons in fitness, health and nutrition. Food will be supplied from the Community Garden.
  • The Counseling Center will be available for both group and individual therapy for children and their families. Families or individuals may request counseling for any particular area to include emotional, physical, social, and academic support. Several agencies provide on-site services such as mental health counseling, childcare, financial literacy classes, parenting classes, health, nutrition, fitness and personal safety classes, etc.
  • The Adult Education Center will provide adult literacy classes and ESL classes for adults who wish to improve English skills and pursue their GED. The Center will also be available for cooking, exercise/fitness and defensive driving classes.
  • The Closet – provides food and clothing for children and families to include accessories and toiletries.
  • The Computer Center will have regularly scheduled classes for all ages to learn computer skills, literacy skills, GED preparation, ESL career planning and create multimedia projects, resumes, and portfolios.
  • The Dental and Medical Exam Room will be available to the children from the Medical and Dental Partners and Health Department. Children are seen after school hours and receive check-ups, teeth cleaning, x-rays, fillings, sealants, crowns when needed. A medical exam on site is used for the children.