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Dr. Vickie Perdue Scott, CEO
Our founder and CEO, Dr. Vickie Perdue Scott , a graduate of M.M. Burdell, Peter G. Appling and Northeast High School and a product of the Bibb County Public Schools, has firsthand knowledge of the lack of information typically provided to poor, urban children. She also knows the power of knowledge based upon her undergraduate and graduate studies at Mercer University, University of Georgia and Nova Southeastern University. Her successful experiences as a P-16 educator have provided her with the knowledge, skills and expertise to fully implement the quality educational programs that will be provided to the students and families. Dr. Scott has partnered with high quality professionals with the integrity to fulfill the mission.

We are group formed by individuals that support education in the Middle Georgia Area. The Legacy Builders Foundation believes that children and families from underserved groups can achieve high levels of spiritual, social, emotional, and personal development when fully informed and supported in regard to their talents and gifts.

The mission of The Legacy Builders Foundation, Inc. is to ensure access and equity for underserved children and families in the East Macon and Middle Georgia Community by providing quality educational, healthcare, housing and economic and community development opportunities. We are an organization with the mission of increasing access for children and their families to the quality of life that all citizens and residents deserve in the Macon, Georgia community.

Our vision is to collaborate with the citizens, community agencies, businesses, foundations, corporations and faith-based organizations and individuals to enhance the educational, health, housing, and economic community development opportunities of students and families from the East Macon and Middle Georgia Community groups to provide the necessary training and support needed to empower the residents to self-sufficiency.

Our focus is to assist all students and their families, no matter what their circumstances, to increase their awareness and preparedness of the opportunities available in the Middle Georgia Community. We believe that by doing so we can build bridges between the communities and our families that will bring together socioeconomic, educational, ethnic and cultural backgrounds from all walks of life

Our work is guided by Economic and Community Profile Data, Census Data and the Kid’s Count Data. We believe in following the data and providing appropriate interventions throughout the birth to eternal life cycle. By working with the community, we believe our children and parents in the East Macon Community can be successful citizens.